CS4HS Conference

Computer Science for High Schools conference

13 - 15 December 2017

Our Mission

Provide the best tech conference for passionate Teachers to network, hack, be inspired and learn.

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Attendees from different cities made Victoria's CS4HS a truly professional experience


A mix of expert event professionals and senior developers, including Java champions, evangelists and respected thought leaders.

About Conference

DESIGN - 90%

60% Complete


60% Complete


60% Complete

Programming Languages - 95%

60% Complete

The conference is focused on preparing teachers to deliver computer science and programming skills for meeting the NCEA standards. Full details regarding the conferences timetable, location, etcetera, are noted below. Fundraising and sponsorship will cover the majority of costs to participants for the event running for the three days in December. The conference runs for two and half days with no course cost.

The conference aims to cover:
  • Computer Science NCEA Standards (both introductions and analysis)
  • Programming NCEA Standards (both introductions and analysis)
  • Student stories and industry visit
  • Networking opportunities with other NZ educators


  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3

Day 1

Wednesday 13th CO219 CO238 CO242
9:00 AM Registration
9:30 AM Welcome
10:00 AM Morning Tea
10:30 AM Java - for beginners with Pondy (B)
SH - Sam Ong & Te Rahui
Introduction to Arduino with John Barrow (I) Raspberry Pi running as web servers with Elf (A)
12:30 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Java - with Pondy (A)
SH - Sam Ong
Arduino NCEA Level 1 with John Barrow (I) An introduction to Cyber-security with Ian Welch (B)
3:00 PM Afternoon tea
3:30 PM Charlie from Snapper on Women in IT in CO219
4:30 PM Review and Discussion
6:30 PM Reception

Day 2

Thursday 14th CO219 CO238 CO242
9:00 AM Scratch (B)
SH - Sam Ong & Te Rahui
Computer Graphics with Lohit, Andrew and Josh (I) Introduction to Networking with John Barrow (A)
10:00 AM Morning tea
10:30 AM Exploring data with Allan Sylvester (I)
SH - Wei Gao & Marcus Luczak-Roesch
Physics with Howard (B) Renewable Energy with Daniel Burmeister
SH - Raghu & Michael Emmanuel
12:30 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Exploring data with Allan Sylvester (A)
SH - Wei Gao & Marcus Luczak-Roesch
RPi with Elf (I) Appinventor with Jack Moran & Mansour Javaher (B)
3:00 PM Afternoon tea
3:30 PM Awhina in CO219
4:30 PM Review and Discussion

Day 3

Friday 15th CO219 CO238 CO242
9:00 AM Soldering Circuits with Radek (B)
SH - Raghu & Michael Emmanuel
Edison's with John Barrow (B) Makey Makey with Suzan Hall (B)
10:00 AM Morning tea
10:30 AM Physics with Howard (B) Open Session Bitcoin & blockchain with John Barrow
11:30 AM Talk TBA - ICT Connect
12:00 PM Talk - Matt Stevens, linking to industry
12:30 AM Close

A - Advanced
B - Beginner
I - Intermediate
TBC - to be confirmed
SH - Student helper

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Frequently asked question

Here is the frequently asked questions
If you have a question, please contact us through the website.

When will registrations open?

Registrations are open, please click here to register.

I'm a total beginner in computer science; is this suitable for me?

Yes! This event is particularly focused on people who have no background, are teaching these topics for the first time, or would like to go over the basics really carefully. It is also intended to offer material at a higher level for those seeking it. The intent is to offer a forum where we can focus in on topics of interest to teachers, and address issues facing you directly. Some open sessions to help facilitate this discussion are also offered.

Will there be a cost for the conference?

We aim to make the conference free for teachers attending the conference, and cover transport, accommodation, and food costs. However due to the wide range of transport costs, we ask for teachers to pay for their transport directly and we will reimburse the cost after the conference. For the main centres there is a fixed travel subsidy, which should be enough if you book in advance.

Do I need to book my own accommodation?

For those travelling from out of town, we provide free accommodation at the Te Puni Halls of residence (which is adjacent to VUW). Please let us know the details about which nights you require, which will be collected from you when you register for the conference. If you require any alterations or changes please contact us. The School of Engineering and Computer Science will cover this cost for you. The services provided by Te Puni include towels and bedding, a continental breakfast (from 8am-9am), shared bathrooms, common rooms and free Wi-Fi.

Transport costs?

Please pay for these and keep the receipts and pass them to us. We will then reimburse you. We are happy to cover costs for parking, flights, petrol and other associated costs.

Can my school be reimbursed for teacher release (TRD)?

Unfortunately we can't cover that; we've chosen the time of year to try to make it easier to get time out of school, but we appreciate that for some schools this will be a cost to bear.

How will I be reimbursed?

For those who are paying for travel, we'll have a form for you to fill out with your bank account number for reimbursement. This is confirmed when you arrive at the workshop. The payments will be administered by the IITP, and should be made soon after the workshop. Accommodation costs will be paid directly by us.

Can I get my school to pay for the flights?

Yes. If your school offers to pay for your travel themselves, then that's a big help to us and we'll be thinking really nice things about them! If they are underwriting the cost, we can reimburse your school if they can provide an account number for that.

I'm arriving from out of town; do you need the details of my travel?

These details will be collected from you when you register for the conference.

Can I attend the programming workshops only?

Yes, but we cannot provide a transport subsidy as our sponsors provides money specifically for CS4HS attendees.

Special conditions?

If you have any special conditions, needs or issues you would like to make us aware of please contact us.

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